About Us

Listening Partners, Inc. began in 2004 with one person driving across three counties daily to see any hearing impaired child that needed service. This dedication continued for five years until the first employee was hired in 2010. Listening Partners, Inc. has now grown from a one woman show to a multi-faceted New York State approved agency for Early Intervention and Preschool Services. It is that same devotion to children that is modeled to all providers at Listening Partners.

It is our mission to strengthen the lives of all children with special needs.We believe that working with the whole child, as opposed to just the diagnosed disorder, allows for greater success. Building self esteem and self advocacy skills while making therapy fun is one way we accomplish this. Input from all those involved in the child’s life is strongly encouraged and welcomed. Our devoted therapists are part of your support team and at Listening Partners we appreciate and value our employees. In a world where things change often, we are all still learning so we provide continual professional education and knowledge so that our therapists can better assist the child.

Our Team

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